Story behind shoes

‘There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details’, - Walt Disney once said. 

This approach is very close to my life’s philosophy. I pay attention to details in my everyday life believing that any ordinary tiny object has a big meaning. You just need to give a symbolic sense. It can be a key chain with Eiffel tower, a red lipstick, a folded fork, a leaf from a tree in your yard, an old cellar key, a five cent coin, a red wine stain on a page of your reading book. Everything has its hidden magical meaning.

My mother’s hand mirrors, my grandpa’s wristwatches, Lego bricks from my childhood, playing cards from my rebellious teenage years and many other things from my everyday life which looked like perfect details for creating bold shoes with hidden meanings. 

- Wristwatches declare ‘Happy people don’t count time, they enjoy it.’

- Lego hearts say ‘Love yourself and others.’ 

- Playing cards with the Queen remind 'Always wear your invisible crown'.

- Domino tiles inspire ‘Be a gambler in your everyday adventures.’

- Mirrors encourage ‘Who can make my dreams come true? Look down.’


I believe that bold shoes can declare a peculiar attitude towards life, values, desires, oddities, dreams, and even global topics. Because style is the way you look, think and act. 

Milky regards,


Deimante Statinyte / Pienburniai

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