I was born and grew up in the city of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is a small but beautiful and cosy country in Eastern Europe.

Here are some of my childhood photos from my local places.

By the way, buying shoes at the time was not as easy as it is now. There was just nowhere to buy them.


As a result, I mostly had to wear shoes handed down by my older cousins. In fact, I didn’t like all the shoes, but a good thing was that I grew them out quickly.


P.S. The dog Beethoven wasn't mine (you can tell it from my face).

I was in my wonderful thirties. I have worked as a project manager in the communications field for many years.


PR agencies, advertising agencies, many clients, and even more of their wishes were like a never stopping carousel. I had lots of great adventures with a never-ending adrenaline rush. 

Actually, it was crazy. I needed to slow down. I don’t know why, but at one point French snail farming looked like a glamorous change.



Luckily, my beloved husband woke the sleeping Snow White up and explained that farming probably isn’t so alluring.


He was right.



It was 2015 when I began wondering about shoes and started my amateurish footwear project MILK2MOUTHS.


The first shoes were inspired by my childhood sentiments. Mom’s hand mirrors, grandpa’s wristwatches, Lego bricks, coloured pencils from my childhood, or playing cards from my adolescent years looked like perfect objects to decorate shoes with. 


Each of them had a symbolic meaning. 

With the help of Lithuanian footwear masters, I created shoes with playful detailing and hidden hints. After a few years I realized that, if I was serious about making shoes, I had to learn the craft myself. 

Well, nothing is impossible. Even becoming a woman-shoemaker.



I took up the challenge and started shoemaking studies in my country. The two years of studies were a very tough but happy period.

I also went to the London College of Fashion to take a footwear design course.

All of this gave me the opportunity to learn the craft of making shoes starting with an initial idea and ending with the actual shoes on my feet.



After school, I started looking for craft manufacturing partners in Italy. I did not speak Italian at all. The whole experience can be summarised in these words: mamma mia!

After a very long time, lots of patience and effort, I finally found a boutique footwear factory. It was run by an Italian family and located in Fermo. I was very happy.

We started producing the first sample. Then the global pandemic hit and the whole world stopped. Everyone was in a lockdown at home. I kept believing. Desiring. Imagining. Doing.

And finally, we meet here.

I sincerely hope that these shoes will earn your admiration and will accompany you wherever you go. But before that, I invite you to read the story about the latest shoe project 'Keep calm &'. 

Milky hugs,