Keep calm & become an Optimist

This model is called 'KEEP CALM & BECOME AN OPTIMIST'.


Optimists are probably the happiest people. With effort and perseverance, everyone can become an optimist.


It doesn’t matter at all who you’ve been so far. The most important thing is who you want to be now.


MILKY NOTE: Photo cards are not removable or replaceable.  

Keep calm & become an Optimist

€321.00 Regular Price
€210.00Sale Price
    • Shoes are handcrafted in Italy. 


    • The upper part of the shoes is real patent leather. At the inside waist of the shoe (it’s on the inside part of the foot), shoes can have some small leather wrinkles. This is due to the physical properties of patent leather.


    • Please note that shoes are not waterproof. So, the rainy season will not be the best time for long walks outside.