Keep calm & take your time

This model is called 'KEEP CALM & TAKE YOUR TIME'.


Happy people don’t count time. They are in no hurry. They take the time and enjoy it. Usually, such people achieve the most.


Take your time and you will be the first. These are clever words.


MILKY NOTE: Photo cards are not removable or replaceable.

Keep calm & take your time



    • The upper part of the shoes is patent leather. At the inside waist of the shoe (it’s on the inside part of the foot), shoes can have some small leather wrinkles.


    • This is due to the physical properties of patent leather: it is stiffer than regular leather. And that is why patent leather is more durable.


    • These small leather wrinkles form because of the anatomy of feet (the shape of our feet). There is a necessary space in the shoes for your feet to feel comfortable.


    • When you put on the shoes, wrinkles will not be visible because they will hide at the bottom of the shoes (the  inside part of feet).